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  • Question: Is my prop right for my boat?

    • Each Maxum® is shipped from our factory with a standard prop which was determined by engineering testing. These tests are performed with various loads to determine the prop that provides the best all around performance for your Maxum®. Depending on your specific boating needs, a different prop may provide you with a better performance. Mercury Marine® provides additional information regarding prop and engine performance information here.

  • Question: Do you have service manuals available?

    • Although Maxum® does not provide our customers with a service manual, Maxum® does provide you with an owner's manual supplement with specific information about each model available here. For service information you will need to contact an authorized dealer.

  • Question: How do I transfer my warranty?

    • The remaining warranty may be transferred by contacting us at 360-435-8957. Note: You will need to provide us with your serial number before we can assist you. Additionally there is a fee that is required.